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Day and current time in Munich:
The geographic coordinate of Hotel Uhland:
11° 33΄ 17˝  East geographic latitude
 48° 08΄ 03˝  North geographic latitude

Find Hotel Uhland on Google Maps.
Our house is the second building on Uhlandstrasse,
not on the corner to the main street
(free parking on the back yard).

Click here for a real city map with the location of our hotel on it
You find also directions on our FAQ page.

The Navigation System (GPS) in your car has probably listed "Hotel Uhland" under Information to
your destination (Hotels and Restaurants). For instance: in your new BMW car.

Find Hotel Uhland Munich Germany

If you like to use the
Munich Public Transport, to find us,
please follow the description below.
MVV - für Ihre Homepage
The itinerary planner.
Push the time table button,
change to english
and fill in your destination (to):
town = M,
street = Uhlandstrasse 1,
and check the radio button "street/house no." .
Fill also your start address in: town = M,
Check radio button "street/house no." 
and type in: the name of the street you are,
push the submit button.
Please find examples for airport
and railway station on our FAQ page.


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