Munich, Germany Hotel Uhland, Little Riddle:
During your stay at our hotel you have the chance to win a free drink of your choice from the mini bar in your room.
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Hotel Uhland München/Munich

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Can you guess the age of our house? It is a historical landmark.
When you book your reservation please write the letter (A or B or C) corresponding with your guess
(please guess the age of the building, not of the hotel
The hotel is 59 years old this year. But this is not the requested answer)

Is our house (building)


less then 70 years old?


between 70 and 100 years old?


more than 100 years old?

Write for instance: "The age of your house is  = A"
[You can find the solution on our English web pages]
Only one drink per room is available. The last picked letter is valid.
The value of our mini bar drinks is between 2,00 and 5,00 Euro. No legal recourse.

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